Rouge Trader

About the Space Orcs

Legend of the Sun and the Moon

In the beginning there were three children, two boys; The Sun and the Moon and one girl; The Earth.

When they grew into adulthood the two boys fell in love with the Earth and both wanted to marry her, but she didn’t know who to choose.

The two boys fought for her attention and the contest grew into rivalry and the rivalry grew into hate for each other and soon the Sun and the Moon was chasing each other across the sky to kill the other.

The Earth was saddened, but could not choose since she loved both as much as the other so she created the Orcs and gave them intelligence and freedom all she want in return from each Orc was to choose either the Sun or the Moon and when The End of Time came she would count how many had chosen the Sun and how many the Moon and marry whoever got the highest vote.

Space Orcs today

Some might doubt whether the Orcs were ready for space when they reached it but today they are a significant force in the space community.

Space Orcs lives in gigantic space cities called “Sky Ports”. Most are welcome at Sky Ports as long as they behave within Orc law because the Sky Ports are considered Orc territory in the same way as a UK Embassy in a foreign country is considered UK territory and they will protect it fiercely as such. Orcs do not have a home territory or home planet so the Sky Ports are their homes.

Sky Ports

According to Orc history there are 16 Sky Ports in the world, but whether they all still exist is imposible to say since they are not in contact with each other.

The reason for this is that the driving force behind the Sky Ports is of alien origins so although the Sky Ports can take the Orcs faster around Space than anything else, the Orcs do not have the communications technology to match the great distances that separates the Sky Ports.

Sky Ports where originally massively large round spaceships with the alien engine in the centre, however as the centuries past the spaceships grew and grew as the Orcs continued to build on them until the original ships was just a tiny spot in the center.

One of the reasons why the Orcs built the ships outwards was because strange vegetation grew around the engine and in time the original ships became impenetrable jungle. The further out you travel from the centre, the more civilized the Orcs become, while more feral Orcs and mutations of Orcs live on the in the jungle.

The Orc races

The orignal Orc race is still the most numerous, however other mutated races of the Orcs has appeared:

  • Goblins. A race of weaker Orcs which are spawned from the lower gravity of the outer edge of the Sky Ports
  • Runtlings which lives on the edges themselves and not much more clever than beasts but they have a special ability to work in zero gravity and even in the vacuum space provides.
  • Dozers are gigantic creatures who are wild and feral brothers of Orcs. They live in the jungle in the centre of the Sky Ports and are broad muscular beasts in order to cope with the stronger gravity at the centre.

Orc Leadership

Life onboard a Sky Port is hard and the Orcs have toughened over the centuries.

Orcs do not have elections, it is simply the best and strongest Orc which is the Leader. This is normally a natural process which doesn’t require any thinking on the Orcs behalf, it just happens. In the few instances where there are any doubt of who is to be leader this will be sorted by any means available be it a fight, a discussion a contest on innovations, military leadership, whatever suits the current state of the given Orc society.

Space Orc History

Where the Orcs original came from nobody knows but it is clear that they have always looked to the sky to escape their harsh home planet and it is known that they joined the space community much earlier in their evolution than most other space faring races.

But what they lacked in maturity they had in bravery and curiousity and soon they flew far away from their homelands until their origins where forgotten in time.

First the Orcs weren’t really noticed. They travelled in small warbands and roamed the univers as Pirates. Indeed the Pirate aspect of this part Orc history appeals to many battle hardened Orcs like the close combat minded “Blue Fists”.

Then something happend approximately 1200 years ago; a ship of Orcs came across an old space station that had been floated around in space for thousands of years. The station was completely abandoned and it soon became clear that whoever built it was similar to the Orcs in both appearance (two arms, two legs etc) and in technology.

However around the space station there were a few very alien devices, which were clearly not built by the makers of the station. And after some research in the stations main computer system it became clear to the Orcs that the station was some sort of gateway to other places, maybe dimensions and that the alien devices had been brought back through the gateway.

The Orcs spent the next many years figuring out how to use the gateway and succeeded against all odds. A party of Orcs were sent through. One came back an hour later. He had aged significantly and was completely mad only capable of uttering a few words. But he did bring something back with him in his arms, which turned out to be blue prints of an amazingly powerful type of space engine capable of moving faster than light by teleportation. This would later become the centre drive of the mighty Ork Sky Ports.

More Orcs were sent, most didn’t come back and of those who did only a handful brought something useful with them, nothing close to the original find.

Then came the disaster. One day two Orcs returned, but they didn’t come alone! With them they came the Warp Beasts, Dangerous creatures of great power and magic. They devastated the station and left none alive. The Gateway was destroyed along with the station.

The Orcs had saved the information they gathered from the station’s computers and in time they built new gateways, but no Orc who went through came back with anything and the few that came back had been driven mad, some even display dangerous psychic abilities. The Orc’s theory was that although they had succeeded in re-building the gateways, they were lacking the navigational tool to target wherever the orignal gateway led so further attempts were abandoned.

Instead the Orcs focussed their complete attention on the alien blueprints originally brought back and built 16 mighty spaceships from which the Sky Ports grew. The 16 ships could whole the entire Orc race and feeling their adventurous nature pull the Orcs soon parted company and quickly lost touch with each other due to the vaste distances travelled using the engine.

Orc religion today

When Orcs grow into adulthood they are asked to serve either the Sun or the Moon and they will stay faithful Moonites of Sun followers for the rest of their lives.

Orc religion is more of a tradition than religion and for most Orcs it is not something that decides how their average day goes. And most Moonites and Sun followers live peacefully side by side with a bit of friendly rivalry.

The more religious Orcs (of both clans) wears yellow and/or some wear small totems of the Moon or the Sun. But even this has to be taken with a grain of salt though since politics also play a role here. Orc leaders will normally display religious affection since it is expected of them.

Although rumoured, no instance of an Orc switch sides have ever been recorded. Neither has it ever happend that an Orc did not choose a side… officially, but there are those few Orcs who do not fell closely bound to either the Sun or the Moon, instead they feel bound to the Earth Deity.

These Orcs often leave Orc civilization behind to disappear into the wild. A rare few of these Orcs gain mystical magic powers and become know as Orc Shamans.

The Shamans are generally left alone but in pressed situations the more civilised Orcs hunts them down and bring them against their will to battle to be used as magical artillery.