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Ranger 12 4 6 3 3 5 6 1 2 M 24
Scout 12 5 6 3 3 6 7 1 2 M 27
Night Walker 12 5 6 3 4 7 7 2 2 M 47
Shadow Walker 12 6 7 3 5 8 8 3 2 M 52
Sleepless 15 1 5 6 6 6 3 4 2 Walker 77
Weapons type Range To hit POW AM MPC Special PV
Short Med Long Short Med Long
Handblazzer 6″ 12″ +2 -1 4 -1 4 1″ blast 8
Blazzer 10″ 20″ 30″ +1 -1 4 -2 5 1″ blast 13
Blazzer Cannon 15″ 30″ 45″ +1 -1 6 -2 7 2″ blast 32
Sniper Rifle 10″ 20″ 30″ +1 5 5 2 uses/turn 14
Heavy Sniper Rifle 15″ 30″ 45″ +1 6 6 Full Auto 14
Sonic Assault Gun Splash 7 8 Knock Down 32
Sonic in CC Close Combat +3 +1
Energy Cannon 10″ 20″ 30″ +1 -1 7 -1 7 Full Auto 37
Forced steel sword Closed Combat +2 -1 +3 6
Cameleoline cloak Enemies gets -1 RC when shooting after a model wearing camelelioline cloak


Shadowwalker – Leader – one per army


ShadowwalkerShadowwalker Armament: Hand blazzer, Forced steel sword, Cameleoline cloak
Option: Sniper rifle (14 p.) or heavy sniper rifle (24 p.)
67 points per model


Nightstalker – Individual – one for each elite squad


NightstalkerNightstalker Armament. Sonic assault gun, Cameleoline cloak
79 points per model


Scout squad (2-4 models) – Elite squad – one for each basic squad


ScoutsScouts Armament: Hand blazzer, Cameleoline cloak
Option: Forced steel sword (12 p.) or Blazzer (6 p.) 34 points per model


Ranger squad (5-10 models) – Basic squad – unlimited


RangersRangers Armament: Sniper rifle, Cameleoline cloak
Option: one may be armed with a heavy sniper rifle (10 p.)
37 points per model


Support ranger squad (2 models) – Basic squad – unlimited


Armament: 1 armed with Blazzer, 1 armed with weapon platform, Cameleoline cloak
Option: The platform must be armed with either a Blazzer cannon (32 p.) or an Energy cannon (37 p.)
Special: Max one Support ranger squad per Ranger squad
61 points per squad


Sleepless – Vehicles – one per basic squad


SleeplessSleepless Armament: Energy cannon, Cameleoline cloak
115 points per model


The Camelon story

Strange as it may sound, the Camelons planet was never dragged into the maelstrom, actually it is still drifting peacefully around its sun. But almost all of the people of the Camelon race have travelled into the maelstrom, by free will!

The Camelons are much like humans in appearance; they are a bit more slender, have pointy ears and are lighter in their skin. But the real difference is their life span, Camelons live for hundreds of millenniums and it is maybe this almost eternal life, that created their eager too explore the universe and nothing in the universe is so exciting as Vor the maelstrom. When the maelstrom was discovered many Camelons travelled to this new event, after a few years of exploration many travelled into the maelstrom.

The main population of the Camelons now live in the Tangle in the central ring of the maelstrom, but they can be found anywhere within and outside the maelstrom. They are usually found in smaller groups, but occasionally they wander alone or with an army of other races and sometimes but rarely in whole armies. But usually they only fight if necessary.

Rumours say that the Camelons have already found a way out of the maelstrom. This is in fact the truth, but they would never give away their secret, the maelstrom just wouldn’t be so exciting without its population. The exit is a very useful advantage for the Camelons, it gives them the opportunity to gather resources and recover from their wounds outside the maelstrom.

The exit can be found in the tangle, well hidden as a young giant flower. The exit is only open when the blossom unfolds and sometimes it open only for a few seconds then it may close for years, while other times it seems like it will never close again. The exit is guarded by nothing but the Camelons themselves. This exit is maybe in reality a gift from the maelstrom to the Camelons, because they entered the maelstrom by free will.