January 8, 2020 scrollmaster

I had actually planned for a Goblin King from Avatars of War to be the rider of this bear. However, it has taken an annoyingly long time for that mini to arrive (still hasn’t arrived), so in order to get ready for our first game in our new campaign Daisygate, I used a pretty cool voodoo goblin from Freebooters instead. I called her “Mama Juju” and gave her an armoured bear as a mount. She went down like a storm with the players so I am sure she will be back with her evil ol’ spells. The bear’s platform has…

October 30, 2018 scrollmaster

When I started my current campaign in the beginning of 2018, the party foiled the Necromancer Varona Stillborn’s plan to sacrifice a Unicorn to create a Nightmare. For the last half a year, the party have been chasing her and they are nearing a conclusion to that storyline. However, for the conclusion, I needed something to counter-balance the fire-base Nightmare and since there is another undercurrent in their campaign with a personal story around wolves, I decided to introduce these dire ice wolves called “Frost Bites”. And the Fenrisian Wolves from Games Workshop seemed perfect.

October 30, 2018 scrollmaster

Alaris, the Ranger in our current Dungeons and Dragons campaign has reached level 3 and wanted a wolf as a companion as it fits his background story, but in the end opted for something that would feel more friendly and domesticated, so I bought some wolves and painted them as huskies. It should be said that I am not a fan of dogs and generally scared of most of them. However, given I don’t have an interest in dogs, I had to look at photos to get a sense of what they actually looks like and I think that actually…

June 14, 2018 scrollmaster

Not much to say. I needed Crocodiles for a Dungeons & Dragons aventure in our current campaign and found these fantastic crocs. I use the smaller crocodiles as a forewarning to the players while they hear loud growls from the bigger ones coming up the drain.