October 13, 2019 scrollmaster

I found these at Mantic Games when I was looking for Egyptian skeletons. They are great as constructs. The thing that surprised me when I received them was that they are actually made up of snakes. I couldn’t actually see that on the website. I think when there is something unusual as this, it does need to be highlighted in the paint job so it is clear to the observer. With the Avatar of Sekhmet These work really well with the Avatar of Sekhmet from Reaper.

May 15, 2019 scrollmaster

Reaper Miniatures have a lot of models. Most are ok, some a rubbish, but sometimes they release something really inspiring and fun to paint. These Stitch Golems are definitely the later. Was great fun to paint and although my idea of stitching a painting patch on the big one didn’t quite work out as nicely as I thought it would, I am still happy with the overall result. Adding little tattoo snippets brings some interesting story to them too.

April 7, 2019 scrollmaster

I haven’t played Warhammer 40.000 or Warhammer Fantasy Battle for a long while, but I keep up with what’s happening at Games Workshop and when I saw the Adeptus Mechanicus Kastelan Robots, I really liked them. They remind me of the playstation game Fallout. But I tend to buy only what I need so didn’t get them straight away. However, I got them recently for two reasons: 1 was to use them as Iron Golems in D&D and the other was to try out a painting technique I read about a while back using very thinned white layers to create a…

May 8, 2018 scrollmaster

One of the amazing side-effects of playing Dungeons & Dragons again is tat I am no longer locked into a specific miniature line in the same way you tend to get with Tabletop Wargames. As I ave ventured into the world of Roleplaying Games, I’ve found so many cool companies creating all these amazing miniatures. While looking for evil dwarves miniatures, I found these three awesome Stone Golems from MOM Miniaturas. As with the Mierce Wyvern, these gents were also speed painted: Prime grey Drybrush ligt grey to almost white Paint metal bits bronze Glaze over with a suitable green…