May 21, 2020 scrollmaster

I bought these Dwarven ladies at DragonMeet last year for a specific purpose for our then D&D campaign “War of the Triplets”. However, the heroes decided to go in a different direction so never got around to need them and hence never got around to paint them. Now that we have started up a second Covid19 campaign “Twobridges”, one player wanted to be a Dwarven Paladin specifically with. hammer so I suddenly needed to paint one of them up. The are really cool minis and she was a great fun to paint.

December 16, 2019 scrollmaster

I spent quite a long time looking for Dwarven undead and was quite proud of the gang I had painstakingly collected, so when I found the Macrocosm box of dwarven skellies, it was with mixed feelings. However, I still think the gang I’ve collected is a pretty cool team and I painted their bases in lava style to distinguish them from the lowly cannon fodder skeletons.

May 8, 2018 scrollmaster

One of the amazing side-effects of playing Dungeons & Dragons again is tat I am no longer locked into a specific miniature line in the same way you tend to get with Tabletop Wargames. As I ave ventured into the world of Roleplaying Games, I’ve found so many cool companies creating all these amazing miniatures. While looking for evil dwarves miniatures, I found these three awesome Stone Golems from MOM Miniaturas. As with the Mierce Wyvern, these gents were also speed painted: Prime grey Drybrush ligt grey to almost white Paint metal bits bronze Glaze over with a suitable green…

March 4, 2018 scrollmaster

The Dwarf player of my “War of the Triplets” campaign is new to Dungeons and Dragons, but I know his sense of humour so this pipe-smoking, beer guzzling cheeky dwart miniature from Hasslefree Miniatures was perfect. Besides, I’ve always wanted to paint Hasslefree minis, but since I only paint what I can play with, I’ve never had much of an excuse to buy some… now I do. Dwarf with “Mr Giggles” The complete party for “War of the Triplets”

January 7, 2018 scrollmaster

I’ve decided to start playing Dungeons & Dragons again this yea, 2018… which incidentally makes it 20 years since I last played any roleplaying game. I’ve gathered 5-6 players, most who have never played Dungeons & Dragons, or any roleplaying games for that matter. I’ll be the Game Master and have been writing up a one-off adventure for them to get started. To get started I went to one of my local game stores, Leisure Games, to pick up the rulebooks and in doing so also picked up a few random miniatures: The Plague Reaper, Silverhorn and Dain Deepaxe that…