October 30, 2018 scrollmaster

I am a big fan of Darksword Miniatures, but sometimes they are fiddly to glue together and paint so I wouldn’t recommend them to newbies or impatient hobbyists, but for me they re fantastic. This Elven Warlock is no different. Pleasure to paint and really happy with the final result, which sets him apart from regular High Elves.  

August 27, 2018 scrollmaster

To beef up my High Elves ranks, I bought a bunch of WizKidz elves I found at my local game store Dark Sphere. I have to say, I’m not impressed. Soft toy-like plastic, not a lot of sharp details. Overall not the quality I am looking for in miniatures. I’ll probably paint them since I have them, but it won’t really be something I enjoy. Here’s the first one:  

August 25, 2018 scrollmaster

For my Dark Elves, I ended up with 3 miniatures from three amazing miniature producers: DarkSword Miniatures, Hasslefree Miniatures and Avatars of War. Similar to the High Elves, I wanted the Dark Elves to have some resemblance in outfit with our Dark Elf hero. Although I am happy with the result, I don’t feel these are as good as the High Elves. Their makeup is really not that great and I was in my own mind when I painted them and totally forgot that Dark Elves are… darkish, purple-ish skinned! The Hero (Anti-hero?!) Alfein, the Drow Rogue leading the Dark…

August 25, 2018 scrollmaster 1Comment

I won’t deny it: I am a huge fan of DarkSword Miniatures. Thety are my first port of call every time I need Dungeons & Dragons miniatures. So far our game has been out in the wild, but the party is nearing the Elven Twin Omnitropolis: Lyrayara so soon we will be having some more civilised confrontations with the elves. To prepare for the party’s arrival, I’ve been painting these fantastic High Elves from DarkSword. I’ve painted them to roughly match the High Elf Ranger in our party. Although he has been out in the wild for years, I still…

March 4, 2018 scrollmaster 1Comment

A friend of mine who tried Dungeons & Dragons as a kid, decided to join my campaign “War of the Triplets”. As the only player he was toying with the idea of a chaotic evil Drow. In the end he settled for a Chaotic Neutral Drow… but he is playing it borderline Chaotic Evil, I’d say and he is doing a great job at it. This miniature is from Darksword Miniatures, which frankly is rapidly turning into one of my favourite miniature shops. The complete party for “War of the Triplets”

March 4, 2018 scrollmaster 1Comment

My partner is new to Dungeons & Dragons and se chose to be a High Elf Ranger, who has had to exile himself for various reasons. However, when we were browsing for a miniature for her, she found two art Darksword Miniatures that she liked and in the end we got both and I painted them the same so she can swap them around as she pleases. Wat was interesting was, I would have defaulted to painting them green-ish like a classic Ranger had she not had a clear mind in her head of what she wanted him to look…