December 6, 2018 scrollmaster

In our 2018 campaign, we’ve been running around in a lot of Dungeons, but not encountered any Dragons (well… apart from our Rogue running into a Dragon Whelp). The closest has been an encounter with a Wyvern that brought down an airship, marooning the party on an island. However, I am hoping to change that in 2019 and this cool Silver Dragon from Wizkids worked perfectly as a young White Dragon, which goes well with my Ice and Snow Terrain Board… and it also aligns with an encounter I think may fit where the party is going. One of the…

December 4, 2018 scrollmaster

When I was planning my D&D Christmas oneshot for 2018, I was roaming the internet to find Christmas themed miniatures and found this crazy Ogre Santa from Scibor Miniatures. It arrived two days before the game, but with Dragonmeet 2018 in between, I had little time to paint it, so I ended up speed painting him as fast as I could. Sure I could have chosen a wider range of colours, made more details etc, but overall I’m happy with the result.  

December 2, 2018 scrollmaster

My players don’t like mimics. I do! And honestly, how can you not love this crazy-ass Gazebo Mimic. Amazing! One thing that bugged me about this miniature was there was no thought given to how the panel with the Mimic face could be removed and reattached. It feels like the sculpture assumes that the owner of the miniature would always have it as one or the other.

October 30, 2018 scrollmaster

Contrary to Grogspar, the Mercenary Troll and the Hill Troll from Reaper, both which I am using as Ogres, the Forest Troll Shaman from North Star is exactly my idea of what a Troll should look like, which is driven from my childhood in the Nordics where trolls just look a certain way. The movie The Troll Hunter is a great representation of Nordic trolls except they behave more like animals.  

October 30, 2018 scrollmaster

As with the super cool Troll Mercenary Boson Grogspar, I will be using this badass Hill Troll from Reaper as an Ogre or half Ogre as Trolls in Heden Rei, the world we play D&D in, are more feral and more like nordic trolls. I got this troll from my fiancée in a box full of mixed miniatures when we started D&D early 2018. Very pleased with how the leather turned out on this one  

October 30, 2018 scrollmaster

While I don’t play Privateer Press games anymore, I still love their minis and some of them have that quirky personality and character I loved about Warhammer 40.000 Rogue Trader Orks and this fantastic Trollkin sailor is a great example of this. Pipe and dynamite strapped to his harpoon… what more do you need? However, for Dungeons and Dragons I’ve used him as a half-ogre instead as in my D&D world trolls are more feral and tend to be inspired by trolls from the nordics where I originally come from. Actually check out the movie The Troll Hunter to get a…

June 14, 2018 scrollmaster

I think Privateer Press makes some fantastic miniatures, and some of them, like this Swamp Horror, is great inspiration for a Dungeons & Dragons adventure. My players haven’t faced this one yet in our current campaign… but they will! Base is using “Scenic Water” from Woodland Scenics and “Valhallan Blizzard” from Games Workshop.

June 14, 2018 scrollmaster

I am a big fan of Dark Sword Miniatures. However, this quirky Shambler is not the type of min I ussually expect from them. I think it is great! It is the first miniature in a long time I bought without having a clear purpose in mind, but since there seems to be a Feywild parallel story going on in my Dungeons & Dragons campaign, maybe it can fit into that type of forrest-y adventure.

May 8, 2018 scrollmaster

One of the amazing side-effects of playing Dungeons & Dragons again is tat I am no longer locked into a specific miniature line in the same way you tend to get with Tabletop Wargames. As I ave ventured into the world of Roleplaying Games, I’ve found so many cool companies creating all these amazing miniatures. While looking for evil dwarves miniatures, I found these three awesome Stone Golems from MOM Miniaturas. As with the Mierce Wyvern, these gents were also speed painted: Prime grey Drybrush ligt grey to almost white Paint metal bits bronze Glaze over with a suitable green…