February 2, 2019 scrollmaster

Sometimes a mini comes along that is somewhere between insane and awesome. The Cupboard Mimic from Zealot Miniatures definitely falls into this category and I am currently trying to create some D&D stats for this… Well actually I don’t see this as a mimic. It seems way to aggressive and dynamic and I think it is more like a possessed cupboard. A closet demon maybe. I actually bought the cupboard itself a while back, so eventhough I tried to colour match them, they are actually a bit off but I’m quite happy with both minis so will leave them as…

December 2, 2018 scrollmaster

My players don’t like mimics. I do! And honestly, how can you not love this crazy-ass Gazebo Mimic. Amazing! One thing that bugged me about this miniature was there was no thought given to how the panel with the Mimic face could be removed and reattached. It feels like the sculpture assumes that the owner of the miniature would always have it as one or the other.

May 7, 2018 scrollmaster

Found this super awesome Minotaur at Mierce Miniatures stand at this year’s Salute. He didn’t really fit into my ongoing Dungeons & Dragons campaign, but he was too cool to pass by. As it happened, I had to pause the overall campaign for a bit, which meant I was able to do a spin-off chapter using this dude as the bad guy.