June 8, 2012 scrollmaster 1Comment

As described on the Cynwall page, the main point of my Elven army was a quick-paint-to-play army to have something to play with while painting the Orcs of the Behemoth army containing miniatures that take considerably longer to paint. Nevertheless I am not entirely happy with how these Echahïm turned out and I think it is because I feel they lack definition between the light blue armour and the white cloth. I also think their face look more like drag queens than elegant elven females, but as this is a paint-to-play army, I am not going to repaint them.. I think….

June 5, 2012 scrollmaster

Been a while since I’ve finished a miniature and I didn’t expect it to be one of the incredibly detailed and therefore time-consuming) Orcs of the Behemoth but inspiration took over and voila; Mystic of the Behemoth done I am one step close to having a fully painted orcs of the Behemoth army. See more Mystic of the Behemoth photos here.

June 5, 2012 scrollmaster 1Comment

One of the reasons why I have two Confrontation armies is that I wasn’t sure whether I would ever get time to paint all the Orcs of the Behemoth because they take a long time to paint due to the huge amount of little details on every single miniature. The Mystic of the Behemoth is no different. With flasks, lanterns, stones, skulls and even a pig this miniature took a long time to paint. But I am quite happy with the result so have primed all the other Orcs of the Behemoth I have as I now feel encouraged to paint…

March 12, 2012 scrollmaster

This Battle report is made using Flash Technology. You need to have the Flash 6 plugin installed in your browser to view it properly. You can get the Flash 6 plugin for Click here to see the Battle Report

March 12, 2012 scrollmaster

This is a Report of the finale in our July campaign. It is made using Flash Technology. You need to have the Flash 6 plugin installed in your browser to view it properly. You can get the Flash 6 plugin for free from www.macromedia.com. Click here to see the Battle Report

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The goodies here are all PDF files so you need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your machine. You can get it for free from Adobe. Comic Templates Just for laughs 😉 New! Cryx Comic Templates (454 KBytes) Khador Comic Templates (75 KBytes) Menoth Comic Templates (76 KBytes) Cygnar Comic Templates (99 KBytes) The original Comic Templates (93 KBytes) Damage Sheets These PDFs can be printed out and gives you sheets containing the damage boxes for Warjacks. Damage sheet for all Warjacks (39 KBytes) Damage sheet for Cryx (19 KBytes) Damage sheet for Menoth (20 KBytes) Damage sheet for Khador (17 KBytes) Damage sheet for Cygnar (20 KBytes) Lifetracker.pdf The LifeTracker is an…

February 5, 2012 scrollmaster

Before we start Each players starts with 500GC (Gold Coins) which can be spend on buying troops before we begin or be saved for later. You do not have to use all GCs but remember you can later only buy troops in the City and Warjacks in the Warjacks Workshop. Mercenaries are not alowed from the start but can be bought later. Battles Victory conditions All games are untill one warcaster is dead. If you have lost 50% of your troops you are alowed to conceed the game. Winner gets GC worth of VP*20 + 60 Looser gets GC worth of VP*20…

February 5, 2012 scrollmaster

Current Army selection 1 Goreshade 80 1 Skarlock 16 1 Machine Wraith 21 1 Pistol Wraith 33 1 Night Wretch 44 2 Slayer 220 3 Necrotechs 27 10 Scrap Thralls 50 10 Mechanithralls 60 5 Trolls 80 Total Army size 634 Gold Coins 25 Diary 6/7 Versus Cygnar led by Stryker. Won (9/9) +210 Gold Coins. Won the game but took hefty amount of damage. I scored 9 VP including Stryker while my opponent also score 9VP without killing my warcaster. On top of that I was not able to buy warjacks in the city, leaving me with an almost…