July 18, 2012 zroll 1Comment

By Zroll

How can one resists creating an army of furs and claws and druids and mystic stones and and… Well my army is centred around Kaya, warbeasts and tharns which gives it rather wild and bestial appearance who operates far from the druid conclave.

I have had the models sitting around for a long time, and finally decided to get them painted. I did not have a lot of time to paint and I got tons of armies waiting for their turn, so I needed a new and faster painting method. I decided to try out using GW washes for most parts of the models.

The models where sprayed black after which I painted the furs Battlefield Brown (P3) with a drybrush of Beast Hide (P3). So no washes yet.

The bestial skin and leather where painted with Beast Hide (P3), washes with Wash Gryphonne Sepia (GW) and given another wash of Gryphonne Sepia (GW) mixed with Battlefield Brown (P3).

Human light skin where painted Elf Flesh (GW) washed in Gryphonne (GW) Sepia and highlight Elf Flesh (GW). The dark skin painted Battlefield Brown (P3) and washes with Badab Black (GW). I have never found a good way to paint light skin tones, but the dark looked great in my eyes.

The metal parts where painted Boltgun Metal (GW) washes in Badab Black (GW). I had to thin the Badad Black down a bit because the metal got rather dark. For future armies I will use a much lighter metal colour instead.

Teeth, claws and spikes, where painted Bleached Bone (GW) washes in Gryphonne Sepia (GW) and highlight Bleached Bone (GW).

The conclusion is, washes makes army painting really fast and the models still looks great.