January 31, 2012 scrollmaster 0Comment

Saint John’s Forsaken Colourscheme

I must admit that I ran sour in painting my Saint Mark force. Each mini simply took too long to paint (especially due to the NMM technique I used) and in the end I decided I needed to change my painting technique if I were to ever finished my Forsaken.

However I didn’t want to re-paint the ones I had painted and which I were quite proud of so what to do? In the end the solution was very obvious: The current Forsaken was led by Saint Mark so paint the rest of the Forsaken as if they belong to another Saint: Saint John!

The Saint John colourscheme uses ordinary metallic paints and the minis are primed black instead of white. However the actual overall colours are much the same as the Saint Mark minis.

I have done this to give them a coherent look so although they belong to two Saints they are all Forsaken at the end of the day and if I need to field a larger force I can merge them without ending up with an army that looks too weird.