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09/02/2011: Confrontation: Soïm floats in to lead the Cynwäll

My Cynwäll army are slowly coming together.

Wheras the XIAO 3.14PI from VOID is my favourite female miniature of all times I must say Soïm the Zealot Cynwäll Warrior monk is my favourite male miniature. Very cool and aristocratic, a proper elf!

23/01/2011: Confrontation: Cynwäll Elves section opens with Cynwäll Asadars

It has been over a year since i updated this site. 2010 was very busy for me, but I am slowly digging out my old paint pots and unpainted miniatures.

And first lot finished are three Cynwäll Asadars to open my Cynwäll Elves section.

My wife has been kind enough to let me borrow her photo studio set-up she uses for her hobby.

05/09/2009: Confrontation: Kamahru's Incarnate

As it turned out painting Kamahru's Incarnate was somewhat easier than painting Grakkha and I am happy with the result which you can see here.

Note, I've also uploaded new photos of Grakkha, Warrior of Stone.

15/08/2009: Confrontation: Grakkha, Warrior of Stone painted

I started Grakkha almost a year ago and he has been staring me down ever since. No more I tell ya! He is now finally fully painted, skin,sword, ham and all!

27/09/2008: Scrollmaster's Confrontation section opens with Kolghor

Having tried Confrontation recently I decided to start an Orc of the Behemoth army of my own starting with Kolghor who you can find in the newly opened Confrontation section of this site.

15/08/2008: VOR games day 9th of Aug 2008

Bit later than planed, but here's a summary of VOR game from 9th of Aug 2008.

11/08/2008: What do you get when you cross a Deathjack with a Whitetusk?

Well? Did you guess it?

11/08/2008: VOR The Maelstrom Mutant handler and muties

Saturday I met up with old VOR foes, Mocaiv and Ninjagobbo for the first game of VOR in 5 years I think. And this prompted me to find some old unpainted Neo Soviet minis to paint starting with the mutant handler and 3 Rad Beasts.

08/06/2008: Old minis gallery

I have collected a bunch of photos of some of my old Games Workshop minis and turned them into a gallery that you can see here. Enjoy!

31/05/2008: Jonny and Hoarluk

I have finished a couple of more miniatures I have had in my gaming drawers for a while.

One is a very limited Jonny the Pirate miniature (think there are 50) from Mystic Spirals and the other is the Hordes Trollkin Hoarluk Doomshaper who opens the Trollkin gallery.

27/05/2008: temp new home

Mocaiv is currently having some issues with his host so his domain is not accessible at the moment. Please us instead.

26/05/2008: First No Quarter Pirates

I have been collecting pirate figures for the last two years, but not had much chance to paint any.

However, here are the first ones to open the No Quarter Pirate sction of

25/05/2008: Re-shooting VOR miniatures

I've just re-photographed my VOR miniatures, something I have been wanting to do for a long time.

See the all new photos of my Neo Soviet army here and of my sole Shard (Axion) here.

24/05/2008: ...a bit later

All sections should be migrated now. Please let me know if you find any bugs or errors.

24/05/2008: Slowly but surely

I have migrated 3 more sections:

Soon I can hopefully start uploading new stuff!

05/05/2008: Wecome to the new

After being dorment for most of 2007 I have decided to re-design

With the rumours of VOR 2.0 floating around, the first section to be populated is ofcourse the VOR section. All content is the same as the old section. I am planning to review copy and photos throughout the site after the content migration is complete.

Feel free to what you think.

28/04/08: Vor The Maelstrom reboot!

Believe it or not, but there are news from VOR's creator Skuzzy. And not only are there news, there are lots of good news regarding the relaunch of VOR.

More here:

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