Bone Lords

Bone Lord 10 7 6 5 5 7 9 3 4 M 57 77
  Armed with Combat Blades and twin-linked Spirit Caller
Bone Knight 10 6 5 4 5 6 8 2 4 M 42 52
  Armed with Combat Blades and Spirit Caller
5-10 skeletal troopers 10 4 4 3 4 2 6 1 - M 6 12
  Armed with Light Automatic
One may be armed with a Heavy automatic for 18 points

Death Wyrm 15 1 6 3 6 6 3 4 (2) L 71 80
  Armed with Dark Breath

Weapons type Range To hit POW AM MPC Special PV
  Short Med Long Short Med Long
Spirit caller 10" 20" 30" - +1 - 5 -1 5 - 10
Light automatic 5" 10" 20" +1 - -1 4 - 4 2 uses/turn 8
Heavy automatic 10" 20" 30" +1 - -1 6 - 6 Full Auto 18
Combat blades Closed Combat +1 - - - 2
Dark Breath Splash 4 - 4 - 9

I'm sorry but the individual stats for weapons and creatures is not available, the army is an 400 point army consisting the above with two additional skeleton troopers units

Story of the Bone Lords

Skeleton Skeleton

The green spirits searched through the new world. They hated the planet they used to live on, since other races developed intelligence they had to live without their bodies.

Because the Bone Lords never had a body for their own they made one of other creatures bones. In their bone armour they where powerful lords and slave masters of all other races on the world. But these other creatures became more intelligent; they found out about the secret of the Bone Lords, they started to destroy their dead. After a while the Bone Lords bone armour started to crumble and with now new resources their race was doomed. After a few centuries all that remained of the great lords was their green spirits. Then the maelstrom came, swallowing the world leaving no survivors except the green spirits.

Bone Knight Bone Knight

A great battle was fought ahead of the spirits, the spirit came closer to watch the battle, the combatants didn't even look at the green fog. After the fight, the winning side started to pillage the bodies and their stocks, leaving the dead behind. After a moment of confusion the spirits realised that the creatures down there didn't destroy the dead, they just left them on the ground. The spirit watched each other for a moment, then a fight started for the bones of the dead.

Bonelords Bonelords

The next morning a strange army of bones had raised, above the army the loosing spirits flow waiting for the next kill. The Bone Lords had once again raised to physical form, to conquer worlds and enslave other creatures, but this time no slave would be alive, the Bone Lords decided to use their necromantic abilities to raise the bones of their opponents.

After a while all the spirits had made an armour for themselves and a great army without comparison marched through the maelstrom, but after a while, due to each individual power greed, the Bone Lords left each other to make armies and slaves for themselves. After a while the Bone Lords started to produce more of their own kind, these children are called Bone Knights, although loyal in the beginning these also wants power for themselves, this some times ending in Bone Lords destroying each other.

Some times a Bone Lord raise to a power beyond imagination and make and army of several Bone Knights and even other Bone Lords, but such an army usually don't last for long.

The standard weapon of Bone Lords is the spirit caller, a small weapon which fires a energy wave that drains it target for its spirit, this weapon will even call out the spirit of stones or metal.

The Death Wyrm - Bane of the Vanguards

Death Wyrm Death Wyrm