Leading One 12 5 6 4 5 6 7 3 - S 40
Large Ones 12 4 5 4 5 5 5 6 1 S 15
Small Ones 12 4 4 4 4 4 6 1 - S 13
Weapons type Range To hit POW AM MPC Special
  Short Med Long Short Med Long
Small Gun 5" 10" 20" - +1 - 4 -2 5 1 use/turn
Medium Gun 5" 10" 20" - +1 - 5 -2 6 1 use/turn
Large Gun 5" 10" 20" - +1 - 6 -2 7 1 use/turn

Leader Leading one: Large gun 58 points
(1 model)
Elites Large ones: Medium Guns 25 points
(2-4 models) One may be armed with a large gun at +20 points
Standard Small ones: Small Guns 18 points
(5-10 models) One may be armed with a large gun at +20 points
Large OnesLarge Ones. One armed with the dreaded "Large Gun
Leading OneLeading One Small One with a Small GunSmall One with a Small Gun Small One with a Large GunSmall One with a Large Gun

The Smoogs

Small little purple creatures. They came from a planet unknown to most races, a small planet whish lay close to its sun, it had a very high gravity field and it offered almost non protecting to the suns radioactive beams. But somehow these small creatures managed to live there. Because of the heat, the creatures was very lazy, they never developed anything and most of the day they didn't do anything except laying on the ground watching the sun. What their food sources was can only be guessed.

In the maelstrom

Since their planet was dragged into the maelstrom and destroyed the Smoggs live wherever there is pollution. Because of the colder temperature on most planets the Smoggs has become much more active. They hunt pollution and it is properly their "food source" and when ever they find a factory or the like, they attack it with only one purpose to destroy it, so it will pollute the surroundings. Large Ones. One armed with the dreaded "Large Gun"


Are small, simply because they have lived on their high gravity planet, but although small they are still tough and well suited to fight even the biggest enemy. They are created almost black with a little hint of black, later on they become purpler, and the oldest and biggest are very bright purple. They do not produce weapons themselves but are more than capable of using other races weaponry, and because of their size it is easy to steal them from their enemies.