July 18, 2012 zroll 1Comment

Teeth, claw and fur, Horde armies need warbeasts so their warcaster can cast spell by tapping into the primeval fury of the beasts. From left:

  • Argus. Nice 360° vision and able to use a single power 16 attack, which is quite helpful when fighting warmachine armies.
  • Gorax. Primeval fury incarnated and a nice animus to buff itself and other warbeasts.
  • Gnarlhorn Satyr. These creatures really love slamming stuff. If an enemy moves close to one of these it can slam that enemy. The real bonus comes from opening lines to enemy casters by moving enemies in the way by grand slamming them.
  • Feral Warpwolf. I nice heavy warbeast with loads of attacks and a tactical advantage with the ability to warp to better armour, speed or strength.
  • Argus. An extra one is always fun when trying to swarm the enemy with light warbeasts.