Dungeons and Dragons Plants

Dungeons & Dragons – Myconids, mushroom zombies ( and Northumbrian Tin Soldier)

This is a mixed back of mushroom related creatures all speed painted using a mixed technique of primed bone, contrast paints and some red and white dots for mushrooms. These little fairytale like mushroom people are from Northumbrian Tin Soldier and actually fit perfectly, the Campestris from Light beyond the Witchlight. The rest of the […]

Dungeons and Dragons Monsters Plants

Dungeons & Dragons – The Shambler (Darksword Miniatures)

I am a big fan of Dark Sword Miniatures. However, this quirky Shambler is not the type of min I ussually expect from them. I think it is great! It is the first miniature in a long time I bought without having a clear purpose in mind, but since there seems to be a Feywild […]