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New Dungeon Master? Start with these Youtube videos

I picked up Dungeon Mastering in 2018 after a 20 year break and the amount of quality helpful videos on Youtube really took me by surprise. Fast forward to 2020 I regularly get asked what videos I recommend new Dungeon Masters should watch, so I went ahead and created a YouTube list of videos in the […]

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Dungeons & Dragons – DM advice: 5 tips on how to help shy/polite players being heard

I’ve not written advice on DMing before. First of all because there are so many great channels out there. Runehammer, Matt Colville and lately Jim Murphy. However, in Runehammer’s latest Patreoncast “Mainframe 39: More than just talk!” he brought the disconnect between the universally accepted advice that shifting the “spotlight” between players is a good […]