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15/07/07: Getting back into the game (pun intended)

I am slowly starting to paint minis again. These are the first 3 for my long planned No Quarter Pirate army.

The pirate chick is done except for her base. The other two are in various stages of uncompleteness.

Pirate WIPs

13/11/06: on hold

Due to various circumstances, new job etc. I don't currently have the time to do much wargaming so I am putting in hibernation untill further notice.

Thanks, Scrollmaster

21/10/06: Lost the war to spam!

My previous email has lost the war against spam. So if you have emailed me in recent months without getting a reply I might have deleted your email and am ofcourse terribly sorry about that.

Please email me on if you need to get in touch with me from now on.

13/09/08: More Hordes and Warwitch Deneghra

Wraithwitch Deneghra Kaya the Wildborne

A couple of new Privateer Press figures are up now. First up is Kaya the Wildborne which is the second entry in my Hordes army and a miniature I am very proud off. She is joined by my converted Wraithwitch Deneghra.

07/09/06: Hordes arrives

Baldur the Stonecleaver

Summer is almost over, time to dig out the miniatures and paint them. What better way to start the autumn at than opening a new section for a new game: Hordes the compatible sister game to IK Warmachine.

I have decided to play Circle of Orboros because I always play the bad guys and wanted to play the good guys for once.... as it turns out Circle isn't excately the good guys, but they are bought now so I'll stick with them. Besides I really dig the official colourscheme.

First up on the Circle team is Baldur the Stonecleaver.

01/06/06: Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr... Tremble in fear, There be Pirates here


11/05/06: Iron Lich finally painted

Iron Lich Asphyxious

Some miniatures I really want to paint... and some I don't. The Iron Lich falls under the latter, but I finally got him dusted, primed and quickly painted.

13/04/06: The horrificness of the Bloat Thrall

Bloat Thrall

I have finished painting the Bloat Thrall, what a disgusting mini.

You can see it in it's full rotating horrificness here.

05/04/06: The Revenant Crew

Well... not all of them but the first two can be seen here :-)

05/04/06: Almost instant Warmachine wreck markers

Do you have wreck markers for your wqarjacks, no? Well check out my guide to creating Almost Instant Wreck Markers then.

04/04/06: Birmingham Warmachine Tournament

Are you a good Warmachine player? Has your 500 points Khador army beaten every other army in the club including that cheesy 4000 points Imperial Guard army?

Well then this is for you: Game 06 will take place at the Thistle Birmingham City Hotel, Birmingham (UK), April 29th-30th, 2006 and includes an official Warmachine Tournament.

03/04/06: is no more!

One of the independent heavyweighters in wargaming is closing it's doors, is no more!

Before you start contemplating suicide I should probably mention that it is because it is moving to a new domain name, so please give a warm welcome!

22/01/06: No Limit Space Orc armylist

I have finshed the first version of my Space Orc armylist for the free game system No Limits. Now I just need to paint some Orcs.

18/01/06: Search function

I have added a search function to which you can find in the top left corner.

03/01/06: Happy New year

...and the first lot of minis have been uploaded! A big bunch of painted Confrontation Wolfen by Father Time which you can see in this new Confrontation section.

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