The Daisygate Cast

The Nightshift

Damon Duskslayer Deathslayer – lvl 7 Human Paladin (played by Elena)

Following his family’s history of Dragon Slayers, Damon has taken an oath to hunt down a Dream Dragon that has enslaved a village in a Dream World. Damon has chased the Dream Dragon to Daisygate, where it has disappeared back into its natural habitat in the Feywild.

Alyanys – lvl 7 Half-elf Warlock (played by Sean)

Alyanys led a quite life avoiding the trouble that sometimes comes with being a half-elf, until the day her orphaned God Daughter was kidnapped.

The kidnappers left no trace and no ransom note has emerged.

Left with no clue, Alyanys turned to dark forces and signed a pact with an Archfiend to gain knowledge of the whereabouts of her God Child as well as the powers to deal with the perpetrators.

The first guidance from the Archfiend lead Alyanys to Daisygate.

Jean-Jacques La Cæur – lvl 5 Bard (played by Robert)

Jean-Jacques is the best Bard and Fencer in the Material Plane (according to himself). Alas, Jean-Jacques feels he can learn no more from the music teachers of the Material Plane and as such, he is pursuing the School of Glamour and is looking for the Fey Masters of Music to take his almost godly Troubadour skills to even new heights.

It should be noted that, while JJ would never admit it, he is a complete newbie to adventuring and will claim to have knowledge of any creatures he will come across.

Heimaris Qinven – lvl 3 High-elf Wizard (played by Jago)

A scholar and a nobel, Heimaris has come to Daisygate seeking exciting adventures and learn the trade as an adventurer.

A Team (in hibernation)

King Alaris Hiddenlore – lvl 7 High-elf Ranger and Beast Master (played by Elena)

King Alaris, hero of the War of the Triplets, was a fugitive from his home due to a betrayal by his late father’s right hand hell bent on revenge. Having reclaimed his throne, Alaris has followed his friend Grimshaw Elffucker to a far away continent of Bjergen-Rei.

Alaris is always seen in the company of a wolf. Currently Oro, the Desert Wolf.

Grimshaw Elffucker – lvl 7 Hill Dwarf Barbarian (played by Neil)

Grimshaw, hero of the War of the Triplets, has followed his guts chasing down adventures where they can be found.

Grimshaw has not enjoyed the high life that comes of from being appointed ambassador and jumped at the chance to reclaim inheritance passed down to him from a long lost aunt… not so much for the actual inheritance itself, but more from the fact it had to be claimed in an entirely different continent with entirely new adventures in sight.

Grimshaw is rarely seen without his trusted companion the rat, Mr Giggles.

B.J. – lvl 6 Blue Dragonborn Sorcerer (played by Julia)

The good natured B.J., hero of the War of the Triplets, has been the voice of reason within the sometimes wild and chaotic A-Team. She has been hunting for the Shadow Claw, a relic stolen from her village.

She found the Claw which connected her with her ancestral line’s origin Blue Dragon that now lives in the Shadowfell and has turned into a Shadow Dragon. The exposure to this Ancient Shadow Dragon has turned B.J.’s skin dark, her innate abilities from Lightning to Necrotic and her mood from good to…

Valkyria – lvl 7 Tiefling Rogue (played by Sean)

Valkyria is a young Tiefling Rogue, who had found a mentor in the Drow Rogue, Alfein, a founding member of the A Team. Unfortunately, when Valkyria tracked down Alfein it was in vain as Alfein had been killed by the Blue Dragon Electrax in the Everdry Desert.
Unchanged: Valkyria quickly found a place on the A Team’s staffing roster and with her natural ability to turn invisible, she has already filled the void left by the death of Alfein.

Valkyria quickly found a place on the A Team’s staffing roster and with her natural ability to turn invisible, she has already filled the void left by the death of Alfein.

In the loving memory of…

Welby Tealeaf – lvl 6 Halfling Rogue (played by Julia)

Welby is a young Halfling, barely an adult, who has been forced out in the real world as his parents were assassinated. He fled, not knowing whether he was a target or not himself.

Welby is acutely aware of his low physical strength and tries to over-compensate by being brave and brilliant at everything else, eventhough he lacks confidence in his own abilities, but that’s getting better with each success he gets under his belt.

While he is not a magic user by trade or birth, he does look to magic as a way of protecting himself and increase his chances in the wide world.

Brand Ander – lvl 5 Paladin (played by Tony)

A Paladin on a quest for revenge and to restore his family honour with a mindset of the means truly justifies the means. Her family background is rife with blood feuds against a rival noble family.

Alfein – lvl 5 Dark-elf Rogue (played by Sean)

A founding member of the A-Team and the party’s dark sheep. Alfein wasn’t exactly the poster child of trust, but the party could always trust her to bring her short swords into battle in the most effective and lethal way and Alfein’s bravery in the end cost her her life fighting the Blue Dragon Electrax.

Feather – lvl 4 Tabaxi Cleric (played by Cezary)

Feather, a founding member of the A-Team, was called away by his holy commitments during the War of the Triplets, but returned during the final battle against the Beholder Jethrolar the Unseeing Eye.

When all hope was lost, Feather activated an Ancient Relic carrying the party back in time to restart the fight but with the foresight of what had already come to pass allowing them to beat the Beholder. Unfortunately, the price was high and Feather was lost in the streams of time. His friends have no memory of him ever having existed.