The Hellbenders – Pestilence, the Tabaxi Warlock

Pestilence was introduce in Chapter 5 of our Third campaign after the loss of Seipora in Chapter 4.

Blessings, curses, skills

Father Winter’s Blessing

  • Advantage on rolls against the Frightened condition.

Lightening bolt

  • Action: Cast once per day for free. Refreshes at dawn.
  • 100feet straight line. 5feet wide.
  • anyone in the line rolls DC13 Dexterity saving throw. On a failed save takes 8D6 lightning damage. Half as much damage on a successful save.

Magic items

Fey flask of Nihilus

gift from the Chief Chester of the Grim Glee Jubilee Domain of Delight.

  • 1 use a day. Refills at midnight.
  • Roll a D10 and consult page 184 of DM notes.
    1. unknown
    2. unknown
    3. unknown
    4. unknown
    5. unknown
    6. unknown
    7. unknown
    8. unknown
    9. unknown
    10. unknown

Bag of Pixie Dust

  • 1 use. Gain flight 30 ft for 1 minute.
  • Once the magic wears off, you just drift safely down to the ground.

Iron Sight (attuned to Pestilence)

Once per 24 hrs Pestilence can activate one of the following as a Bonus action:

  • Gain Truesight with a 120ft range for 10 minutes.
  • Regain a used spell slot worth 1 level below its regular value (e.g. a 3rd level spellslot regained can be used to cast up to 2nd level spells).

Rune Stone of Immovable Mood (legendary artifact)

  • Attunement
    • Attuned to Pestilence.
    • Can only be attuned to one person at a time.
    • The person attuned to, can pass on attunement to another person. This transaction can only happen once every 24 hours.
  • Thrown
    • The Rune Stone can be thrown using either STR or DEX + Proficiency.
    • Range: Short range: 20 feet. Long range (disadvantage) 60 ft.
    • Damage: D4+STR.
    • Recall (bonus action). The Rune Stone can be called back to its attuned master and will teleport back even across dimensions. If the stone is more than a mile from from its attuned master, it will automatically teleport back.
  • Immovable object
    • Once placed, the Rune Stone doesn’t move, even if it is defying gravity.
    • The Rune Stone can hold up to 3,500 kg of weight. More weight causes the Rune Stone to deactivate and fall.
    • A creature can use an action to make a DC 30 Strength check, moving the fixed Rune Stone up to 10 feet on a success.
  • Emotional reaction 
    • The Rune Stone has a carved dwarven face on it’s surface. The face will grimace according to what it last saw.

Piece from a resonating crystal

  • Unknown

Four potions on Fire breath

  • After drinking and within 1 hour, you can exhale fire as a bonus action at a target within 30 feet.
  • Target takes DC 13 Dex saving throw. On a failure, the target takes 4d6 fire damage, and on a success, half as much.

Ring of Shooting Stars

  • Ring has max 6 charges and gain 1D6 charges at each dawn.
  • use 1 charge as an action to cast faerie fire from the ring.
    • (60 feet range, 20ft cube, all targets in cube rolls DC15 Dex. in a fail, lights up shedding light within 10ft and attacks against the target is made with advantage. Target cannot benefit from being invisible.)
  • Use 1 to 3 charges as an action to a launch a shooting star from the ring at a target within 60 feet. Each creature within 15 feet of the target takes DC 15 Dexterity saving throw, taking 5d4 fire damage on a failed save, or half as much damage on a successful one.
  • Use 2 charges as an action to create between 1 and 4 3ft balls of lightning within 120ft that stays for 1 minute (concentration spell).
    • Each sphere causes 30feet of dim light.
    • As a bonus action you can move each sphere 30ft (but no more than 120ft away from you)
    • Anybody coming within 5ft of a sphere takes a DC15 dex saving throw. On fail, consult chart below:
      • 4 spheres =  2d4 lighting damage.
      • 3spheres =  2d6 lighting damage.
      • 2spheres =  5d4 lighting damage.
      • 1sphere =  4d12 lighting damage.

Blessings and curses

Bardic Inspiration