Dawnstar – Overview

Dawnstar is a massive fortress city shaped like a star with five points. Four spread out on the ground with the fifth being a tall tower climbing up the steep mountainside.

Character Rules

  • No Dragonborn or Halfings.
  • No Warlocks.
  • No Paladins with Oath of Revenge.
  • Paladins must be Lawful Good and have a strict code to follow.
  • Characters are residents of Dawnstar and should have some job or role in everyday society.

The Cataclysm

Approximately 340 years ago, the ambitions of the King Priest drove him to attempt to achieve godhood.

His arrogance was punished by the gods who dropped a fiery mountain on the city driving the destroyed city to the bottom of the newly created Blood Sea.

The event was known as Cataclysm and afterwards the Gods abandoned the land and have not been seen since.


The Gods have been silent for a long time so they are assumed to have abandoned the lands. As such people wielding the power of gods (priests, clerics, paladins etc) are mistrusted as fakes.


There are three main Gods:

– The Radiant Paladin, who represents all the good in people as well as protecting the weak and justice and fairness.

The Night Queen favours the bold, the selfish, the people who make their own destiny. The end justifies the means and everybody is in it for themselves.

The Librarian, who represents balance and nature and neutrality. Interference is frowned upon. The quest for knowledge and understating of all sides is a virtue