Ring Haven – History

The area around Ring Haven is encircled by mountains creating a circled area with approximately 1,000 kilometre in diameter.

This landscape was created by a magical catastrophe thousands of years ago ending a epic battle between good and evil, a battle now long forgotten.

As the area of the disaster cooled, civilisation moved in and in time the Realm of Ring Haven formed.

The inhabitants of Ring Haven have largely lived in piece mainly due to the political structure of the area.

The area is made up of a number of independent states each lead by a head of state. However, above the states sits the Central Seat, which is governed by ex heads of states from all the independent states. This Council of the Seat is tasked with one thing: Unifying the lands if there is an existential threat to the Realm. A task they have not to date been required to perform.

The states of Ring Haven

  • Central Seat – Located in the centre of the realm.
  • The Western Kingdom – Ruled by King Dieter Goldfield from the capital Dayspring.
  • The East Dominion – Ruled by Queen Katherine de la Guerre from the capital Tricklebend.
  • The Twin Rule of the North – Joined ruled by the Halfling King Ash Boomstick from the Capital of Riversafe and by Dwarven Queen Gertrude Thunderbane from the Capital of Griffonreach found in the mountains the Dwarves call their home.
  • Isle of Solitude – An island to the South ruled by the Elven King Iolas and Queen Elthyn Leowynn from the mythical Capital Bliss.
  • Goblin Territories – The huge wild forrest lands to the East of the East Dominion are ruled by numerous Goblin tribes with alliances and empires forming and disappearing on a regular basis.