The Hellbenders – Thorga, the Dwarven Paladin

Blessings and curses

Father Winter’s Blessing

  • Advantage on rolls against the Frightened condition.

Magic Weapons

Hammer of Hurt

  • STR-based weapon (to hit D20+STR+Proficiency)
  • Damage: 1D8+1+STR
  • once a day, do double damage.

Hellfire Gun

  • DEX-based weapon (to hit D20+DEX+Proficiency)
  • 2d8 fire damage, magical.
  • Range 120ft.
  • If target dies, the bullet continues to hit second target behind and so forth.
  • Uses Soul Coins as ammunition. Each Soul Coin gives 6 shots.

Trollsplitter (2-handed axe)

A magic weapon made out of dragon glass (Stone imbued with Black Dragon breath) by Ms Gentlefeet.

  • Damage: d12+STR.
  • Critical scatter. On a critical fail to hit, the axe is destroyed.
  • Stacked damage: On a damage roll of 12, roll d12 again and at to the result. On a further roll of 12 repeat.
  • Dead for good: Trolls killed cannot regenerate.
  • Soul drain: Trolls killed have their souls pulled into the axe. the axe can hold 1 soul at a time.
  • Release Troll soul (bonus action): If the axe hits a creature, unleash the soul to make all creatures within 10ft take a DC13 WIS save or be frightened of the axe for 1 minute. Creature can retake test end of each turn if it cannot see the axe.

Magic Items

Green Dragon poison

  • Unknown

Green Dragon eye

  • Unknown

Endless Miner

  • Small leather pouch produces 1 piece of coal each midnight if there is less than 3 pieces of coal in the pouch.
  • If a piece of coal is ingested, the creature regenerates 10 HP at the start of it’s turn for 1 minute. If the creature drops below 0 HP, the effect wears off.

Box of Need

  • Provides what the owner needs once a day.