Drager og Dæmoner Dungeons and Dragons Undead Vintage miniatures (pre 90s)

Dungeons & Dragons – Undead Giant Cyclops (Fantasy Lords – Grenadier Models)

Back in the 80s when I first started playing RPGs we really didn’t have access to a lot of miniatures, which meant when you found something unusual and cool, you grabbed it! That’s how I ended up with my first version of this fantastic Undead Cyclops from Grenadier Models 1988. That version has long since […]

Dungeons and Dragons Halflings Vintage miniatures (pre 90s)

Dungeons & Dragons – Halfling with Pipe (Midlam Miniatures)

Vintage Bilbo I’ve had since 90s. He is from Midlam Miniatures I finally got around to paint him as part of a group of NPCs. Group of NPCs

Dragons Dungeons and Dragons Vintage miniatures (pre 90s)

Dungeons & Dragons – Blue Dragon (Citadel by Tom Meier 1984)

Back in the late 80s when I started roleplaying games, there wasn’t many stores selling books let alone miniatures. So I was super thrilled when I found this dragon mini in a bookstore. It was essentially the first monster beyond orcs we had to play with. The original one I bought, I destroyed once I […]