D&D World – The Realm of Ring Haven

When I started playing D&D again in the beginning of 2018, our first campaign “War of the Triplets” was an epic journey across multiple cities across the realm that to me as a DM actually never felt grounded.

So with the second campaign I chose to focus on a single town “Daisygate“. Eventhough our campaign journeyed both into the Feywild and to the future, it always returned to Daisygate and I liked that.

In fact, a mini campaign I made, took place in Twobridges, a neighbouring town to Daisygate.

Now that both those campaign has come to an end, I am reluctant to let go of Daisygate, but equally I want a larger canvas to paint on as the heroes are now level 11-12 so they have outgrown Daisygate.

So I decided to create a realm around Daisygate called “Ring Haven” that lies on the continent of Bjergen Rei to stay inline with the already existing lore around Daisygate.