Seasons’ Cross – Anok Donzax, Avatar of Argentix

Dragonborn are uncommon, but still a recognised race. They appear almost exclusively in the Chromatic spectrum and most people will have seen at least one Chromatic Dragonborn in their lives. Yes, there are some superstition surrounding the race given its close proximity to Dragons but most people treat Dragonborn like they would any other race or citizen.

However, in very very rare circumstances, a Metallic Dragonborn will emerge.

Either born metallic (Trueborn) or transform into metallic at adolescence (Lateborn), these Dragonborn are highly revered and seen as Avatars in direct contact with their Dragon God.

The emergence of a Metallic Dragonborn is normally associated with great change (good and bad) in the world.

Anok Donzax, Avatar of Argentix

Anok Donzax is a Silver Metallic Dragonborn and has used his authority as Avatar of Argentix to gather a huge and fiercely religious army.

This was not a problem for Seasons’ Cross until Anok decided to bring his crusade (and the word of Argentix) to the Mountain Eladrin in the North, who Anok sees as unclean due to their natural connection to magic.

To get to the Mountain Eladrin, Anok and his army will have to march through The Ever Valley where Seasons’ Cross lies and this does not bode well for the survival of the city.