Deep Rock Castle – Background

Deep Rock Castle is recently discovered complex of extensive tunnels, rooms and dungeons making up an ancient and long forgotten subterranean stronghold belonging to an unknown, and presumably long lost, civilisation.

The true name of the stronghold is long lost, but the farmers who found it named it “Deep Rock Castle”.

Of the first brave farmers who entered (a group of Halfings), only one returned, Fionn Brazenbottom. The young lad came out of the entrance clutching a staff as a child holds a teddybear. He had lost his mind and speech and today just sits by the fire in the local tavern Keys to the Rock playing with the staff.

Keys to the Rock opened shortly after the word of Deep Rock Castle spread. It is run by a retired Beholder named Bebbie. The tavern is situated by the flowing lake, Dawnstream.

First, tents, then shacks, then huts and now the first houses grew and still grows around Keys to the Rock. The growing camp soon became the town known as Castlebridge as it bridges across Dawnstream.

While Bebbie is technically retired from being a megalomaniac, it is still a powerful being and acts as both Mayor, Police, Judge, Jury and in worst case, Executioner.

The laws of Castlerock are quite lenient, but all punishment is by Deathray, so the folks of the town tend to keep a civil tone.