The Hellbenders – Kaari the Human Ranger

Magic weapons

Bow of Silver Tears

  • Damage: d8+dex force damage.
  • Silver
  • Magical

Sharpshooter Bow

  • Choose to take -5 to hit and add +10 damage.
  • Ignores up to 3/4 cover.

Scimitar of Speed

  • Damage: d6+DEX+2
  • +2 to hit.
  • Speedy attack (bonus action): Extra attack that stacks with dual weild.

Crystal Generation (2 x Scimitar)

A magic weapon made out of dragon glass (Stone imbued with Crystal Dragon breath) by Ms Gentlefeet.

  • Damage: d6+DEX or STR.
  • Critical scatter. On a critical fail to hit, the scimitar is destroyed.
  • Stacked damage: On a damage roll of 6, roll d6 again and at to the result. On a further roll of 6 repeat.
  • Critical Crystal Flash: On critical hit, a blinding flash appears. All creatures within 109ft takes DC13 DEX or blinded 1 turn.

Magic items.

Oil of Sharpness

  • 4 uses left
  • +3 to hit and damage

Portable hole

  • Action: unfold or fold hole.
  • 6ft in diameter, 10ft deep.
  • No matter what is in the hole, it weighs nothing.
  • If hold is folded up with a creature inside, DC10 DEX to escape.
  • |more info here