Obanastre, Names, People and Places

Capital and key cities

  • Dragonskeep. Capital of Obanastre and home of the High King. Rumoured to have been the home of a dragon a long time ago.
    • High King Regulus Tappo and his wife Juliana.
  • Shadefall. Named so due to the shadow of Solitude, the nearby mountain covering the city in the evening, a particularly welcomed feature in the hot summer.
    • Widow Jarl Kimberline Burns.
    • Moonbridge. A medium sized town situated near, and named after, the waterfall Tital Roar and home to our heroes and to their favourite tavern “The Mighty Duck“.
    • Titan Roar is a waterfall so big that at night, if the moon is bright (such as on full moon), the light of the moon is caught by the mist of the waterfall and one can see “Moonbows” and rumour has it that those pure of heart, in love or simply drunk enough, can walk the Moonbows as a bridge into the Feywild.
    • The Water Called. A group of harmless mystics worshipping the element of water.
    • Templar Luminis. Officially followers of Pelor the God of Light and enemy of all evil. in reality a small, but fanatic cult of witch hunters that have emerged in Moonbridge. They believe the Water Called are evil.
  • Watersend. City to the far North and named so as it is the last civilised stop before Whitebone and Drybone Deserts.
    • Jarl Linax Black Lightning, A blue Dragonborn, who prides herself on her ability to breathe a strange dark blue, almost black, lightning.
  • Oakburn. A City that grew rapidly from the town “Oaks Rest”, when the nearby oak forest burned to the ground and the Wood Elves residing within were forced to seek shelter in the town. The elves never left and the town prospered and grew to the power centre it is today.
    • Prince Chu’A, a spiritual Wood Elf prince who has lead the transformation of the city.
  • Riverfork. Capital of the proud “seafarers”. Great ship builders and tradesfolk.
    • Jarl Halfdan Adalstein.
  • Magmaforge. Mountain kingdom of the South and home to the Firefoot dwarves.
    • Overlord Mazimda Firefoot and her husbands Ulfgar and Bramner.
    • Thornac the Living Ancestor. Advisor to the Overlord. Thornac is so old he has started to mummify from the feet up.


  • Istomar, The Underworld Empire of the Drow. Beneath the ground of Obanastre lies the vast empire of the Drow.
    • Imperatrix Malice Alvydan. Supreme Leader of the Drow.
    • Zaknafein Alvydan. Prince Consort to the Empress.
    • Vicolia Alvydan. Oldest daughter of Malice.
    • Bama (f) and Elbros (m) Alvydan. The younger twin children of Malice.
    • Talabreena Kilani High Priestess of Lolth.
  • The Masquerade. An ancient cabal that operates in the shadows behind the various thieves guilds, street gangs and assassin brotherhoods.
  • Dame Maplemuddle’s Circus Eclipse. A traveling circus rumoured to have connections to the Feywild and local legend has it that if you don’t leave their haunted house, The Bone Mansion, before midnight, you will be forever trapped in there.
  • Desero the Dazzling. A young (and very vain) Blue Dragon who has made the oasis Sanguine Well her domain.