The Hellbenders – Seipora, the Tiefling Sorcerer (KIA)


Seipora was assassinated in chapter 4 of our 3rd campaign in the tunnels of Mountainhold by the Devil Bounty Hunter Hammelthal.

Blessings and curses

Father Winter’s Blessing

  • Advantage on rolls against the Frightened condition.

Bardic Inspiration


Magic items

Ataraxia (Spell focus)

A magic weapon made out of dragon glass (Stone imbued with Gold Dragon breath) by Ms Gentlefeet.

  • Can contain up to 3 charges. Regenerates 1d3 charges at midnight each day.
  • Added Stacked Damage: Use 1 charge to add Stacked damage to a spell cast. On a maximum damage roll (e.g. a roll of 8 on a d8), roll the damage die again and add result. On a further max roll, repeat the process.
  • Added Drain Soul: Use 2 charges  to add Drain Soul to a spell. If target living creature dies, gain 1 Soul Coin.
  • Critical scatter. When using a spell with added effects that does not require a “to hit” roll, roll a D20. On a critical fail, the spell focus is destroyed.
  • Calm. When the last charge is used, all creatures within 20ft must roll a DC13 CHA or become indifferent to the battle. Indifferent creatures will not not attack unless they or an ally are attacked.

Skeleton cat

  • Go check it out (bonus action). You can send the skeleton cat to any location a normal cat could reach within 60ft. It will return shortly after reaching its destination and will mimic what it has seen.
  • Collapse (bonus action). You instruct the skeleton cat to collapse to a pile of unrecognisable and immovable bones. While in this state, the skeleton cat cannot be identified as an actual animate being.While in this state, the skeleton cat can still observe.
  • Reform (bonus action): You instruct the skeleton cat to reform and it will now mimic what it has seen.