Drager og Dæmoner Dungeons and Dragons Orcs and Goblins

Orc then and now – Comparing my paint skills now and in 1987

In 1987 I started playing roleplaying games  and my brother and I also started painting miniatures around that time (being 13-14 and 9-10). you can see minis we painted here, but one Orc mini, I decided to paint only half of. The idea was to paint the other half when I got better. I forgot […]

Drager og Dæmoner Dungeons and Dragons Undead Vintage miniatures (pre 90s)

Dungeons & Dragons – Undead Giant Cyclops (Fantasy Lords – Grenadier Models)

Back in the 80s when I first started playing RPGs we really didn’t have access to a lot of miniatures, which meant when you found something unusual and cool, you grabbed it! That’s how I ended up with my first version of this fantastic Undead Cyclops from Grenadier Models 1988. That version has long since […]

Drager og Dæmoner Hobby Year Books

MEGA POST – 1987 to 1989

In 1987 I saw a TV news bulleting about roleplaying games and that is how I got into miniature painting. As it happens, I found out earlier this year (2021) that my brother actually kept some of the minis we played with back then. Below are the painted ones, but before we get to those […]