Dungeons and Dragons Humans

Dungeons & Dragons – Villagers and bar staff (Fenryll Miniatures)

Last minute, I had an idea of using rogues disguised as villagers as a trap in my last Dungeons and Dragons game. And since I had a bunch of Fenryll Villagers in my bit box, I used a speed painting technique I discovered when painting my Zombicide game. I’m quite happy with the result given […]

Fiends Humans

Dungeons & Dragons – Village and Halloween Kids (Hasslefree Miniatures)

While shopping the Hasslefree site, I found these village and halloween kids. Wasn’t sure what to use them for originally, but now the Devil Boy is part of a magic item I made up called “White Bag of Tricks” alongside the Angel and the Angel Babies… and I think the Village Kids themselves will feature […]