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Campaign: The Facility on ADX blue

ADX blue logo

Out of nowhere the planet later to be named ADX blue appeared. A nearby Ork Space Hulk almost got hit and naturally the Orks saw this as their planet straight away.

A couple of years passed and the Imperium got the news about the planet and its strange apperance from a traitor (and former) Imperial Captain who had more than once sold his services as a freelance mercenary to the Orks.

To please the Inquisitors he told them about the planet. This ofcourse led to his execution since it proved his colaboration with the Orks.

The Empire sent a scout force of Imperial Guards to the planet to investigate, but soon after the order had been given news came from a passing-by Rogue Trader about a strange facility on the planet which had been thought uninhabited. Indeed the planet was uninhabited (except for the recent Ork occupation) but a structure like this could only mean there had been inteligent life on the planet once.

Whether this life had been alien or human was not important. If the planet had any traces of long lost technology it was too precious to just hand over to the Orks. unfortunatly the news also told that the Orks had noticed this building so the race was on for who ever came there first.

Within hours the closest detachment of Space Marines had been given the order to head for the planet.

The Space Marines engaged in a fight with a strange force of Eldar left the field of battle emmidiatly to the big surprise of their foes the Harlequins. They in turn decided to follow the Marines in in secret to investigate this odd behaviour further… who knows if anybody else got the news about ADX blue.

Fourth week

I am writting almost a year after the campaign finished but here is what I remember:

Imperial Guards leading in points faced the other armies holding ADX Blue. They now had access to soem heavy firepower which they combined with their own weapons used to annihilate the other armies who never got anywhere close to the facility. Flat out victory to the Imperial Guards.

Here are some pics taken by Jaq and his mobile

The 3 forces Imperial Guards holding the fortress Harlequins advancing Harlequins advancing behind Rhino Harlequin forceImperial Guards on the watch

Third week

Finally the Imperial Guards reached ADX blue. The Orks saw the landing from the sky and immediately forgot about their pursuit of the Space Marines. The Harlequins on the other hand had used their speed to gain on the Space Marines. unfortunately the Space Marines noticed their shadow and taking no chances attack straight away

Orks versus Imperial Guards. That was on of the best warhammer 40.000 (any edition) games I have ever played. It was very even and it literally swong back and forth so it was impossible to tell who had the upper hand.

At the very end I thought I had won with 4 heavy Weapon carrying Bad Moons on a hill n one side and the Flash Gitz with their Kombi weapons on the other and only the Imperial Guard Commisar as opponent.

However, the Commisar use any terrain (and his conversion field) to the full and quickly ran up and killed of all the Bad Moons. In the meantime the Flash Gitz spent a turn arguing amongst themselves and one by one their wepons malfunctioned as if it wasn’t enough that Iron Git’s bionik body frosen imobilising him.

Anyway the Kaptin readied his Power Glove for a mighty close combat, but just before the Commisar reached the Flash Gitz his Conversion field failed him and he was killed after one of the most heroic acts ever seen. The Orks were very impressed and the Flash Git Kaptin took his hat as his own to honour him.

Space Marines won against Harlequins by turning their own trick with Blind Grenades against themselves but with the nastier Rad grenades. I don’t know much more about the battle since I was concentrating real hard on my own problems with the Imperial Guards

Second week

Blind GrenadesThe Harlequins followed the Marines tracks unaware of the Orks’ presence on the planet. The Orks had regrouped after the surprise attack from the Marines and right away saw the Harlequins as the Marines allies.

Close combatThe 17 Harlequins face the mighty pissed off Orks, but advanced steadily behind a screen of Blind Grenades. Unfortunatly the Orks had too many guns so they could always find a hole to shoot through and one by one the proud warrios fell to the hail of bullets.

Highlights of the game: Death Jester taking out the Dreadnought in one go and Weirdboy exploding almost before the battle begins.

Pictures by Jaq and his mobile

First week

Imperial Guards and Harlequins have not yet reached ADX blue, but the Marines have landed and face the Orks.

The Orks, outnumbered by the Emperor’s finest, got their ass kicked! Only Ork left standing was a Flashgit Kaptin who had been trapped inside his kustom forcefield!

The Space Marine Librarian was the hero of the day for the Empire. He kept teleporting into close combat and then smash everything in range and teleport away just to appear somewhere else and do the same. However he did end up getting charged by the Warlord. They held each other untill the Librarian cast “Hammer Hand” giving him double Attacks and +2 strength.

My Flash gits were the only Orks doing any significant damage, but my Squig Katapult was the hero on the Ork side. All but one shot fell outside the table, but the one shot which landed on the table traveled across the table along the marine line killing, I don’t know, 10-15 marines before the game ended (the squigs themselves where still hungry at that point)

The Rules

This is going to be a loose and simple type of capaign because it has been a while since any of us have played Rogue Trader and people are on and off for the four weeks this is running.

  • 1500 points
  • All RT books are used – Which means the “new” RT vehicle and weapon rules are used. Please be sure you have the rules to cover your army.
  • Common sense – Please don’t create killer armies.
  • Random rolls – Rolls on weapon charts, chaos gifts etc are made at home. Feel free to fake the rolls if you have a mini with one type of weapon but roll another type. Basically what-you-see-is-what-you-get overwrites random rolls.

So The point system is simple:

  • 2 points are given for victory
  • 1 point for draw (or not playing)
  • 0 points for loosing

Whoever get’s the highest points after the first three weeks gets to to the facility first and most defend it against all the other players in week four.

But fear not, the facility is more than capable of defending itself if you can get it to work.