Dungeons and Dragons Undead

Dungeons & Dragons – Empire of Dust Skeleton Regiment (Mantic Games) and 2 Sokar Skeletons (Reaper Miniatures)

I wanted some skeletons to look more elite, more organised and more dangerous and I found this Egyptian skeleton regiment at Mantic Games.

It comes with 20 skeletons, but the set comes with so many bits, so I only made 10 of them as I am not sure whether to make the last 10 more ordinary skellies.

I also had two Sokar skeletons from Reaper that fitted neatly in.

These Skeletons are all speed painted and I used the same speed painting techniques on the Enslaved Guardians and Avatar of Sekhmet.

Guide to speed painting Egyptian skeletons

1. Prime bone and paint cloth – and wooden – areas. I used blue and brown

2. ink all over with Agrax Earthshade

3. Dry and drybrush with bone colour.

4. Paint armour and weapon metal areas black.

5. Paint metal. (I mainly used Blighted Gold (P3) but any metal that you want will do

6. Inked the gold with purple and highlight with a shining gold.

Finished Regiment.