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Dungeons & Dragons – Fallen Big Boris (Heresy Miniatures)

I’ve been wanting to paint a Big Boris from Heresy for ages, but I tend to only buy and paint what I need.

However, the Fallen Boris was simply too cool to not pick up, so I did (pick it up).

This was a case of “paint and discover” where my idea of how he should look evolved while painting. Initially I had him pictured as a classic red skinned devil type with brass or golden armour.

However, when I painted the fur on his shoulders, it had a nice light cool look to it and slowly the overall feel of him cooled down.

His cape became a dark blue cape, his armour metal with a blue tint to it and finally his skin became albino inspired by the Legion of Everblight line style of paint which was also the inspiration for my Balor miniatures.


am super happy with the outcome. Below are some photos taken with my mobile as my camera is still packed away.

Update: Photos with my camera.