Constructs Dungeons and Dragons Terrain and Scenery Vor The Maelstrom

Dungeons & Dragons – Mirror Golem and Mirrors (Shard Striders from Vor the Maelstrom)

I’ve had these Shard Striders laying around for a while now. They were intended for a D&D oneshot I have yet to get a chance to run.

However, I had this idea of a Mirror Room encounter for D&D and decided to use these two as Mirror Golems. To give them the chrome mirror effect, I sprayed them black and used a AK liquid Chrome pen and it worked like a charm.

The mirrors are basically tin foil glued in cardboard and then glued on washers to stand. Crude but fast and effective.

I am honestly tempted to write up a small Shard skirmish army for VOR The Maelstrom and paint them all up in this retro-scifi chrome colour scheme.

The Shard Strider on their own