Dungeons and Dragons Fey Fiends Holiday Specials

Dungeons & Dragons – Santa, Mrs Santa and Krampus (Reaper Miniatures and DnDfigurer)

Yep, it is that time of the year!

Time to break out some new Christmas Miniatures.

I realised I actually don’t have a proper Santa Claus. I have an Ogre one and a mean Kingdom Death one with am Xmaxe, but not a basic HoHoHo Santa.

The best one I found was Santa and Mrs Santa from Reaper. To complete the family, I added a Krampus from DnDFigurer.

These were super fun to paint and I am happy with the results.

That only leaves the question: I think Santa and Mrs Santa are Fey in D&D terms, but is Krampus a Fey too or is he a Fiend? I am thinking he is some kind of hag so he could be both.