Dungeons and Dragons Fey Holiday Specials

Dungeons & Dragons – The Woodsman used as Redcap (Northumbrian Tin Soldier)

When it comes to D&D, it is funny how people focus on Chromatic Dragons, undead leader like Liches and Vampires, and Beholders as representation of real evil.

For some reason people skip the fey. How bad can a fairy really be after all?

But Hags are Fey… and to me Hags are the ultimate evil in that they literally hate everything good and sweet just because it is good and sweet.

similarly I find Redcaps really menacing manifestation of true evil.

I’ve been looking for a suitable mini for Redcaps for some time. The Mad Caps from Privateer Press are good cousins but the Steampunk feel goes against the nature / wildlife feel of true Redcaps.

So I was mighty pleased when I found The Woodsman miniature from Northumbrian Tin Soldier. That mini is perfect as a Redcap.

I took the fluff from the description in Volo’s Guide to Monsters quite literal (in that Redcaps dye their hats with blood) and painted their hats in Games Workshop’s fantastic “Blood for the Blood God” colour. Really happy with the result.