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Dungeons & Dragons – Ullik. Forest Troll (North Star Military Figures)

I actually bought this fantastic Forest Troll back in 2018 together with this Troll Shaman.

I really love both these miniatures. They feel so much like fantasy versions of the classic Scandinavian folklore trolls.

I did start painting the miniature last year to fit our Troll Hunt campaign, but other miniatures got in the way.

But now, 5 years (and a pandemic and a move from UK to Denmark later) since I bought the mini, I finally got around to paint it simply because I am trying to finish a bunch of half-painted minis I have had on the shelf for too long.

I finished it with a brown-skinned dwarf that has also been left half-painted for a couple of years I think.

Really enjoyed painting both.

Ullik with his dwarven buddy

Ullik with Trygve