Dungeons and Dragons Dwarves

Dungeons & Dragons – Dwarves – Male Dwarf Fighter (Dain Deepaxe – Reaper Miniatures)

I’ve decided to start playing Dungeons & Dragons again this yea, 2018… which incidentally makes it 20 years since I last played any roleplaying game.

I’ve gathered 5-6 players, most who have never played Dungeons & Dragons, or any roleplaying games for that matter. I’ll be the Game Master and have been writing up a one-off adventure for them to get started.

To get started I went to one of my local game stores, Leisure Games, to pick up the rulebooks and in doing so also picked up a few random miniatures: The Plague Reaper, Silverhorn and Dain Deepaxe that you see on this page. All from Reaper miniatures.

While on a business trip to Newcastle, I used the evening time to paint up the first couple of miniatures, starting with Dain.

I am quite happy with the result!