Vor The Maelstrom

Game Day 09/08/08

This isn’t a battle report as such but as this represents the first VOR game I have played in over 5 years I thought it justified giving the day its own page.

The games 750points 3-way between Mocaiv’s Zykhee, Bootcamp’s Growlers and my own Neo Soviets.


Roling to see who set up made us all shift seats! I got the narrow table edge and placed my mutant squad, including my newly painted Irontusk and my Typhoon in the forrest towards the zykhee deplyment zone and my cyclops and the majority of my Rad Troopers towards the Growler deployment zone. Looking back it would probably have been more fun fielding Irontusk against the Growlers, but I fear Soulless more than any growler.

Zykhee and Growlers each set up with a square, Zykhee with the Mystic in the far corner and the Growlers with the Chieftain in center able to move to either side depending on where he was needed.


Below are some close up shota, mostly of my Irontusk 🙂


The game started with movement (a lot from the Growlers side) and first casulty went to Neo Soviet (wo-hoo) killing a pub (yea, ok…) while the Growler momma looked (doh!)


The Growlers went on the attack and moved rapidly towards both the Neo Soviet line and the Zykhee lines. Most of the Zykhee moved to meet the Growler challenge head on (thin blue line on the right meeting the orange wave) while the Mystic stayed behind to cast The Vengeful Soul on Growler Bulls. The Soulless decided to cover the other front moving towards the forrest holding the Neo Soviet mutants and the Typhoon Crawler.


While the Neo Soviet was the slowest of the forces it wasn’t slow! And quickly the Mutants moved forward to meet the Soulless charge. The Rad Beasts raditation aura helped Irontusk get a hit in and kill a Soulless outright! (Yes, I did enjoy that moment).

On the other front things didn’t look so good. Several angry Growlers led by the Momma was heading towards my Rad Troopers and Cyclops.


On the Zykhee/Growler front, the two sides were locked in hand to hand refusing to back down. The Chieftain’s roar sent as many Zykhee as Growlers to the floor without any change in who had the upper hand.

The Growler Momma hit the Neo Soviet line first, killing left and right , with the Chieftain following shortly after with more Earthshaker Roars to flatten everyone. Obviously this was very effective as the Growler Momma only needed 1 MP to twat Rad Troopers so having to stand up after a roar made next to no difference to her carnage.

Cyclops got both a few hit with lasers as well as claws on various Growlers but was in the end unable to kill any.


The Mystic and the Warrior Monarch stayed comfortably in the Zykhee deployment zone and dealt out spells and shots to both Growlers and Neo Soviets alike.


Having failed the first shot the Typhoon had reloaded and landed a hit on top of both Growlers and Zykhees.

The Zykhee was doing good. They successfully held the Growler wave, even though they were growing tired and they killed a few Growlers as well as the Neo Soviet Mutant Handler effectively locking the mutants to the spot.

The Chieftain kept roaring, the Momma kept rampaging around and a Bull joined into the fray… I wonder what was so special about that damn pub I shot in the start? The Cyclops did there best but simply could hold against the close combat savvy orange monsters (Honey Monsters !?!).

While the Neo Soviet was quick loosing ground, the thin blue Zykhee line had finally gotten things under control on the Hill and one Onehorn was all that was left to mob up.


Just when the Zykhee dispatched of the last Onehorn I realised I hadn’t taken a photo of the battle field in it’s entirty (click to zoom further):


The end was near for the Neo Soviet army with the Momma, still high on rage, killed the last Rad troopers who had held exceptionally long against the Growlers (credit given where credit’s due).

The Zykhee, fresh out of enemies, re-grouped in to a organized line ready for the Growler Momma.

The Soulless finally dispatched of Irontusk, only to find they got charge by a real self conscious living Growler Bull… which they dispatched off rather quickly (he had been softened up by Cyclops), but not before he took down a wounded Soulless.


Neo Soviets only had the Typhoon left which I think killed the Mystic, but to be honest at this point in the game it didn’t matter as Zykhee was increasingly emerging victorious.

As the last Growler standing, the Momma rampaged into the remaining Zykhee and the last photo shows the battle field participants just before Zykhee’s turn which effectively killed the Momma leaving the Typhoon completly vulnerable.


List of outstanding events:

  • Growler Momma rampaging around and getting most out of her 1mp attack.
  • Irontusk killing Soulless in one hit.
  • Soulless for holding the fort against mutants AND winning.
  • Growler Chieftain with Fearsome Roar, good entertainment in flattening everything, friends and for alike.
  • The Zykhee thin blue line holding the orange Growler wave.

A special award goes to the Billy Idiot Rad Trooper shooting the Pub kick-starting the momma rampage that definitely lost me the game.