Getting Started

When you first sit down to make a No Quarter/ No Limits force the options and posibilites seems, well, without limits.

But while it is tempting to make a Space Marine/ Khador/ Grymm force, it is a good idea to keep it simple to start with.

And working structured helps as well and gives you a more uniform force so planning ahead and quickly writing down what you want in your force helps provide guidance and direction for the force.

The way I see it there are three things to consider when approaching the build of a No Quarter/ No Limits force:

The miniatures

  • An exsisiting army you want to convert into a No Quarter/ No Limits force
  • Random miniatures you want to create a force from

The force

  • Select the miniatures you want in your force and create rules for them
  • Make a complete army list which covers all the troop types you want

The fluff

  • Use exsisting fluff. Requires no work
  • Writting your own background story for your force

The easiest option is ofcourse to choose an existing army and just make the rules for the troops you want to use, however starting from scratch with random miniatures can give you a much more personal force.

I will be creating a No Limits Ork army based on Rouge Trader era Orks because I have some laying around I really would like to paint. I will however write my own Ork fluff and will be creating a whole army list, maybe using different miniatures not normally related to Orks.

For now the Army will be called the “Space Orcs“.