Cryx Warmachine

Goreshade and Deathwalker

Goreshade the Bastard

Goreshade Goreshade

I decided to make Goreshade stand out from the rest of my Cryx by painting him in a white armour with a worn metal look because being Elvenkin he would still have retained some of his arrongance and pride and would therefore be an undead with style.

I am very happy with the result and would like re-paint the warjacks to fit him at some point.


Deathwalker Deathwalker

I wanted to make the Deathwalker look very grey. The obvious choice was to paint her skin grey but what is less obvious is that all her clothes are highlighted not with a mixture of the base colour with white but the base colour mixed with grey which gives here a very muted overall look.

I also painted Deathwalker without clothes around her hips to make her more sexy in a quite disturbing way.

Did you note the references to “Evil Dead” in the skeleton arm and the “s-mart” logo on the tombstone?