Kamahru’s Incarnate

Having finally managed to complete Grakkha, painting Kamahru’s Incarnate was significantly easier.

But it did take longer than I anticipated as I expected it to be a quick drybrush job and I guess to a certain extend it was.

I painted it dark brown and drybrushed it with a lighter leather brown. So far so good. All according to plan, but it didn’t quite look like what I expected. It looked like a young healthy tree rather than a possessed piece of walking lumber.

I did toy with the idea of giving it an inner green glow similar to what you would find on certain Cryx models, but it felt like possession overkill.

So instead I decided to give it a round of drybrush with a light grey colour to get a more dry and old wooden look.

However, it didn’t turn out quite right, it looked more like a scorched ash-covered tree which I didn’t want as I still wanted the tree to have a living feel.

I gave it a wash of green to give it a feel of moss and other vegetational growth, but over did it and now had a very healthy spring looking green tree.

But it was getting better so a quick drybrush of leather brown and a really light drybrush of light grey and I was happy.

At this point I decided to soak its claws (branches?!) in blood to make it terrifying… it looks alright but not sure whether I was happier with it with out. But now I’m not changing it anymore so will leave it with blood soaked digits.

Kamahru's Incarnate
Kamahru's Incarnate
Kamahru's Incarnate

Kamahru’s Champion and Kamahru’s Incarnate leaving the field of battle

Kamahru's Champion and Kamahru's Incarnate