LEGO LEGO Classic Space

LEGO – It’s 924 Space Cruiser, Jim, but not as we know it.

So… this might be heresy but let’s give it a go.

While the 924 is close to my heart as my favourite toy from when I was a boy, I don’t think it look as sleek as the 918 and the 928.

Apparently other people have MOCed this one too.

The cockpit of the the 924 looks too long and the nose too short and wide. Basically the 924 looks more like the bus / compromise version of the other two.

Picture from LEGO Classic Spaceships compared: 918 vs 924 vs 928!

So I decided to make the nose narrower and the cockpit shorter to make the nose longer as well, while leaving the actual transport compartment intact.

Here’s the result:

Original base

Narrowed base

924 next to 918 before and after being modified