LEGO LEGO Paradisa

LEGO Paradisa: 6416 Poolside Paradise, 6401 Seaside Cabana, 6402 Sidewalk Cafe and 6403 Paradise Playground

I recently learned about the Lego Paradisa range looking for a cafe for my Lego Classic Town.

Really like how different this looks and while I understand this was targeting girls, I can’t help but get a Miami Vice nostalgic feeling about it hence the white sports car (I need to find a minifigure for Crockett and Tubbs).

6416 Poolside Paradise

The first set I bought was the Poolside Paradise and the quality of the set I got was amazing. Not only was the set in great condition (eventhough it is missing two pink cups), it also has the box, the instructions and the poster inside… my wife is a big Lego fan so I think we will frame and hang it.

6401 Seaside Cabana, 6402 Sidewalk Cafe

Sets 6402, 6403 and 6404 all came in a single loot, which actually also included an almost complete M:Tron 6877: Vector Detector.

The Sidewalk cafe is complete while the Seaside Cabana is missing a pink chair and a cross bar for the wind surf board… and a pink cup.

6403 Paradise Playground

The Paradise Playground, which came in the loot above, is missing the two pink curved bricks that makes up the hood of the babytrolley, the hair of the two female figures and one supporting stair type brick underneath the slide.

The thing is, I think my Paradisa display will be inspired by Miami Vice so I am not sure a playground makes sense anyway.

MOC Crockett’s white Ferrari Testarossa

As mentioned, the Paradisa theme gives me the Miami Vice vibes so this is my first Miami Vice MOC for the my display. It is based on instructions I found on Rebrickable.

Now I just need minifigs for Crockett and Tubbs.