LEGO LEGO Modular LEGO Paradisa

LEGO Paradisa MOC: Club Paradisa Modular

My wife is a LEGO Modular collector and it gave me the idea to transform my second 6416 Poolside Paradise set into a modular using bits from two 6402 Sidewalk Cafe sets, the 6405 Sunset Stables set and the 6409 Island Arcade set.

I initially started out designing a full modular in the Studio app, but realised that I actually had enough bricks to build a half modular so I put the computer aside and started building.

Full view

Ground floor: The Ice Cream Cafe.

Second floor: The Casino.

Top floor: Pool-side cafe.

Surfer Dudes chilling in the back

Club Paradisa with official modulars

I snuck my Club Paradisa MOC in between two of my wife’s official modulars to see what it looked like