LEGO LEGO Classic Town

LEGO Retro Winter MOC V3 using 6592: Vacation Hideaway, 376: Town House with Garden, 675: Snack Bar, 6362: Post Office and 40499: Santa’s Sleigh

So… my LEGO Retro Winter MOC is complete!

I will add additional elements from the LEGO advent calendar as I open the lips, but here is the LEGO Retro Winter Village as it is.

This was super fun project. I’ve used some of the old LEGO sets I’ve spend the year recreating from my siblings and my old lego bricks.

Here’s the sets used… plus a whole lot of used bricks.

  • 6592: Vacation Hideaway (1990)
  • 376: Town House with Garden (1978) – Used for Santas house
  • 675: Snack Bar (1979) – Used for ground floor
  • 6362: Post Office (1982) – Used for ground floor
  • 40499: Santa’s Sleigh (2021)

All together before adding the LEGO City Advent Calendar 2023

… and after adding the LEGO City Advent Calendar 2023


More before pics

Followed by adding the LEGO sets from each December day from the City Advent Calendar 2023


6592: Vacation Hideaway (1990)

Only alteration here is really adding snow to the roof.

376: Town House with Garden (1978) – Used for Santas house

I only used half the Town House and added snow to it and a massive hill under it using a lot of slopes from 21058: Great Pyramid of Giza.

675: Snack Bar (1979) – Used for ground floor

I changed the width of the Snack Bar, added a window and a floor on top. This is actually the only building with a residential flat. It was also the first building I built after Santa’s house.

6362: Post Office (1982) – Used for ground floor

I modified the Post Office quite heavily, added a storage room on the first floor and an attic with maybe returned parcels or parcels with no labels. Catwoman is raiding the attic.

Custom LEGO store / arcade

This building was inspired by some old bricks with “LEGO” and “LEGOLAND” printed on them.

It has three floors: LEGO shop on ground floor, Arcade with vending machine on first floor and a back office on the top floor.

Batman is using this tall building to find Catwoman.

Various closeups

Adding the 2023 Lego city advent calendar

1st December (snowman on ski)

2nd December (sign)

3rd December (reindeer)

4th December (hockey player)

5th December (hockey goal)

6th December (ice sculpture)

7th December (ice sculptor)

8th December (Street lamp)

Next to the street lamp is a department store Santa from a visit to Legoland and Lego House in Billund, Denmark (9th/10th December)

9th December (choir boy)

Next to him is his mother who is also from the Legoland/Lego House visit.

10th December (fireplace)

This was a bit tricky to place as it is an indoors item but I made room for if in the flat.

I also added loot from the Legoland/Lego House visit.

I added elf hats to the forest men I use as “nisser” / Santa’s helpers. Plus a nisse kid

I also added my Lego House custom printed mini me next to the one of my wife that was already in town.

And finally add was a guy ready to shovel snow.

11th December (boy with console controller)

12th December (desk with computer)

The lego store office has their old computer replaced.



13th December (desk chair)

14th December (Table with cat)

15th December (Table with milk and cookies)

16th  December (Clock)

17th  December (dinner table with candlestick)

18th December (Christmas tree)

19th December (Girl with phone)

20th December (Puppy)

21th December (Mrs Santa on snowboard)

22th, 23th and 24th December (Santa and his sleigh)

I do have a bigger Santa’s Sleigh 40499, but I quite like this little one too.