Vor The Maelstrom

Neo Soviet


I choose to make a clear border between grunts, command section and mutants, since it is clear Rad Troopers not as important as Officers in the Neo Soviet army and community.

Red and grey are going to be the colours of Officers and Kommanders, so they stand out from the Eastern European brownish camouflage colour scheme I am planning for my foot troopers.

Mutants are going to have a very individual colourscheme because I think each one of them are unique since the Neo Soviets probably haven’t completely mastered the art of changing flash yet. Therefore I want to paint each mutant in a unique coloursheme. That way they are also going to stand out from the rest of the neo soviet like they don’t really belong there; eg. “we need the Mutants but we don’t really consider them as a part of the established army.”