Vor The Maelstrom

Officer Kalinkov and Rad Hound

Officer Kalinkov Officer Kalinkov

I didn’t like the face of the Officer (sorry) so I replaced the face with a mask using a Cyclops head.

I removed the Viper and replaced it with the handle of a Khorne Beserker Chainsword with a Boltgun bit on top. This is ofcourse the leash to his Rad hound, which i have just finished converting.

Officer Kalinkov’s Rad hound

Rad Hound

I wanted Kalinkov’s Rad hound to look different from other rad hounds, so I used both heads from the blister on the mini, further more I added a Cyclops back pack to the Rad hound’s backpack to make it look bigger. Finally I painted it in a sickly green colour to remove any doubt that this “dog” is not a “proper” living animal.